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What are Shock Sites?

A shock site is a website that is intended to be offensive or disturbing to its viewers, containing materials of high shock value which is also considered distasteful and crude, and is generally of an adult nature. Some shock sites display a single picture, animation, or video clip, or a small gallery, and are often passed around via email or disguised in posts to discussion sites as a hoax in an attempt to trick readers into following the link to the website. Other shock sites are merely websites that display shocking material.

What is LOLShock for?

This is a list of shock sites you can send to your friends for LOLs! You can tell your friends by instant messenger, email, phone, message board... or show them in person!

The LOLShock Family:

Here is a list of wonderful shock sites! Warning: these sites contain adult content and are 18+ only!
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High Quality LOLShock Shock Sites:


2 Girls 1 Cup
Blue Waffle
Blue Waffle
LOL Hello
Mud Monster
Nut Abuse
Suck Dude
BME Pain Olympics
Lemon Party
1 man 1 jar
1 Man 2 Needles
Vomit Girl
2 Girls 1 Finger
2 Guys 1 Stump
1 Guy 1 Cock
1 Girl 1 Pitcher
Clown Song
Phone Japan
Worm Gush
Whip Crack
Funnel Chair
Bowl Girl
Eel Soup
Goatse Girl

1 Priest 1 Nun
The Homo
Self Pwn
2 Guys 1 Horse
Scroll Below
Prolapse Man
Merry Holidays
3 Guys 1 Hammer
4 Girls Fingerpaint
Walk The Dinosaur
The Mac User
Lol Train
Fruit Launcher
Octopus Girl
Milk Fountain
Jap Scat
Dad Party
Bottle Guy
Do Not Watch

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